Effortless Habits Blueprint: The Science of Self-Change

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Learn how to change your life with embarrassingly little effort

This is an infinitely re-usable blueprint in Notion to change any behavior with embarrassingly little effort.

You can apply it in 5 minutes if you are in a hurry to design a behavior change, or you can spend hours learning to become a master. 

Your behavior determines your life. 

It is the only thing you can influence. Everything else is luck, outside of your control.

What you do is your sole lever for your success, your happiness, your love, your peace, your freedom, and anything else you want. 

The ugly truth is that for most people this lever is small and weak. Humans suck at changing our own behavior. Between 50% and 80% of the time we fail at it.

This high failure rate is a feature of the human mind, not a bug. Resistance to change kept our ancestors alive. 

Now it impedes our development. 

We fail because we don’t know how to overcome our resistance to change. 

📘 This blueprint encompasses the effective strategy for self change that comes out of thousands of hours of research🥼 and thousands of hours of work 🧐. It leverages over a thousand research papers and over a hundred books 📚.

It’s not superficial drivel.

It’s not motivational feel-good candy.

It’s not conventional platitudes

It’s the truth.

Most self-help is designed to feel easy in the beginning and make you feel good and pumped. But then it accomplishes nothing. Because it’s all about pleasant emotions, not about making real change.

This blueprint feels hard and maybe unpleasant to do. But that effort is in the beginning. Then the change happens effortlessly.

If you want to make real change, this is for you.

If you want pleasant platitudes that reinforce what you already think, look somewhere else.

🗣 What others say

Victor changed my life. He is a great coach. I have not eaten sugar for over a whole year because of him. And it was so easy, I was stunned, it’s amazing.

Your model is very useful. It has to reach as many people as possible. It will save lives, I know it. Because I experienced it myself.

Wow, just wow. This was just amazing!

This is just so beautifully written! I’m obsessed with the concept and this is by far the best write up on how we can apply the concept to our daily life. Thank you!

🤝Why trust me

Three reasons why you should trust me to teach you how to change your life: 

1. I get paid to help some of the biggest companies in the world change consumers’ behavior towards buying their products

2. I am trusted by many others to teach how to change behavior, such as TEDx, Mission.org , ESOMAR, Hackernoon, Biz, Upgrade100, and more.  

3. I changed my own behavior dramatically:

From 50 cigarettes per day to 0 without any effort

From sweets everyday to zero sugar for over 8 years now

From insomnia and disorganised sleep to high quality sleep every day

From eating what was easiest whenever I felt cravings to intermittent fasting and cooking every day

From workaholism to stopping work at 6 PM, with more success than before

From a diet of chips, sweets and fast food to adopting and testing various approaches, such as slow-carb, low-carb, vegetarian, high fiber, keto, no gluten, carnivore and more, until reaching my own specific nutrition plan

From continuous anxiety to daily meditation

From sedentarism to trail running, ultra-marathons, CrossFit, backcountry ski, and more

From constant whining to ‘no complaining ever’

From arrogance hiding an inferiority complex to empathy and horizontal relationships

From excesses and addiction to balance

From conflict avoidance to assertiveness

From shyness to making a living out of public speaking and challenging opinions

From existential crisis to happiness and meaning

This is why I can help you change your life.

📑 What you get with this Blueprint

You get a comprehensive book, an in-depth course and an infinitely reusable worksheet all in one. 

You get an embarrassingly easy way to change your behavior at will.

You get an infinitely re-usable blueprint in Notion to build or eliminate any habit.

Every repeated human behavior follows the 4C model:

If [Catalyst], then do [Concrete and Convenient action], and then get [the Carrot].

You get a detailed explanation of this model and each of the elements. More importantly you get a step-by-step guide to use the 4C Model to design new habits you adopt effortlessly . 

You also get the step-by-step approach to learn how you can eliminate or reduce any habit by breaking its’ 4C formula.

For each element of the model the blueprint has detailed instructions on how to build, or weaken it. This includes a extensive list of all known techniques for each aspect of behavior change.

You will not find a more comprehensive resource anywhere.

👐 Benefits for you

You get an infinite re-usable formula to add or reduce any habit. 

Your behavior is your only lever for how your life unfolds. It’s the difference between your happiness and your misery, between your failure and your success. How to use this lever is your most important skill.

This Blueprint teaches you this skill, the skill of how to change your behavior. Then you will apply it countless times throughout your whole life. 


Can I use this with the free version of Notion?  

Yes. Notion has a free version for which this Blueprint works with all its features. Once you download, you'll get a link to the template you can duplicate it and use as you like. You don’t have to pay for a Notion paid account.

Can I make changes to Effortless Habits Blueprint?

Absolutely! It is a Notion template, which means it becomes yours the moment you add it to your workspace (with duplicate). From then on, you can make any tweaks that you want to your version. 

How do I get support?

When you buy the Blueprint, you get access to an exclusive community where you’ll be able to ask questions, make suggestions, and interact with me and other people changing their behavior.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes, 100%. All transactions go through Gumroad, which uses secure encryption and doesn’t store your payment details. I never receive or see that information.

[EU-Only] Do I have to pay VAT?

Yes – all digital products sold to EU customers are required to include a VAT charge, and Gumroad (my payment processor) automatically calculates this charge.

However! If you have a business with a valid VAT number, you can get that VAT charge refunded after purchase. See this Gumroad support article for details.

Any other questions?

You can contact me at victorrotariu@gmail.com for any other questions, feedback, ideas. And you can ask on the support community (link after purchase).

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You get an infinitely re-usable blueprint in Notion to change any behavior.

Real change, not platitudes
If you want to make real change, this is for you. If you want pleasant platitudes that reinforce what you already think, look somewhere else.
Infinitely applicable
You can use it for any habit. This blueprint applies to all human behaviors.
Infinitely reusable
You can duplicate and modify as often as you want. You can use it for one behavior change or for a thousand.
Based on scientific research and established scientific knowledge, not on personal experience, beliefs or anecdotal observations.
It encompasses most of the known research, science and knowledge on behavior change. Hundreds of scientific studies and over a hundred books went into building this blueprint.
You can apply it in 5 minutes if you are in a hurry to design a behavior change, or you can spend hours learning. It’s up to you.
The average novel is 75,000 words long. This Blueprint is 33,500 words. In a Word document, it's over 100 pages.
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Effortless Habits Blueprint: The Science of Self-Change

20 ratings
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